Hiring Gen Z workers with TikTok

Using short-form videos to connect with employee candidates

Resources / July 23, 2021

With 2021's worker shortage, it's no small feat for businesses to find employees to hire and retain. And that's compelled companies to find new ways to connect with potential employees from offering bonuses at every step of the hiring funnel, to searching out new ways to source potential employement candidates. And that's certainly true for finding employees from the Generation Z cohort: those that are ages 16-24 in 2021.

Connecting with workers using TikTok-style videos

One method that's recently gained some buzz to connect with these emerging employees are TikTok resumes. This service, which is a new feature of the TikTok short video platform, allows users to assemble a short 15-30 second video that highlights their skills, talents, and qualifications as an employee complete with the creativity that TikTok is known for. After producing a short video, candidates can tag it with #TikTokResumes for visibility, and then submit it to specific job openings provided by a handful of employers participating in the program, including Chipotle, NASCAR, the NBA, Abercrombie & Fitch, and more.

Highlighting your employment brand with short-form videos

Some experts also advise that companies should be looking to increase their employment brand on TikTok and other short-form video platforms (like Instagram Stories). By doing so, companies can widen their candidate pool, specifically target digital-native workers, and position themselves as a modern, forward-thinking place to work.

TikTok-style videos can help enhance your employer brand when you highlight benefits, employee experiences and more
TikTok-style videos can help enhance your employer brand when you highlight benefits, employee experiences and more

Example TikTok HR hiring videos

When brainstorming different types of videos to post on TikTok, Instagram Stories, Twitter and other short-form video platforms to enhance your employment brand, consider the following types of videos:

  • Employee day-in-the-life videos. Prospective candidates like to get a preview of what working at your company may be life. To this end, "day-in-the-life" type videos, that showcase a typical day of an employee in your organization, are an authentic and relatable way to highlight your employment brand.
  • Company behind-the-scenes videos. It's always interesting to see parts of a business that may not be readily apparent to the public and which may give candidates a view into the inner workings of a job. Consider having an employee take the viewer into a backroom, warehouse, or other preparation area and give a real-world, authentic view of his/her job duties.
  • Benefits & amenities videos. Many companies offer great employee benefits, but they're often buried in small text in a benefits Web page. To bring your benefits to life, recruit employees to highlight a specific one in a 15-45 second TikTok-style video, and tell what it means to them. You could consider very visible benefits like free snacks, on-site fitness facilities, employee discounts, and commuter subsidies but also less visible but potentially more impactful ones like health insurance, mental health benefits, 401k matching, learning & development programs and more.
  • Values & corporate social responsibility videos. To Generation Z, work is more than just earning money. Members of this emerging group look for employers that aren't just operating in the marketplace, but who are making a difference in the world also. They want brands who align with their social values around diversity, sustainability and more. To connect with these workers, consider interviewing workers about your company values and how they see them playing out in the workplace. Or showcase your social responsibility programs: volunteering in the community, mentoring others, and service activities.
TikTok-style videos can help enhance your employer brand when you highlight benefits, employee experiences and more
TikTok-style videos can help enhance your employer brand when you highlight benefits, employee experiences and more

Narrow your focus for TikTok hiring and recruiting videos

Although it may be tempting to focus on a variety of elements in your video, because the videos are short (15-45 seconds), it's best to narrow your focus in the video. If you're having an employee discuss benefits, try to hone in on one benefit in the video. For example, if you're showcasing your employee discount as a benefit, have the show him or herself purchasing something using the discount and then enjoying it. With a narrow focus, combined with music and creative effect, you'll maximize the short time you have available in your video.

Tip: For best results when connecting with your audience using short-form video, narrow the focus in your TikTok hiring video to a specific topic

The competition for talent is moving to new battlefronts. With short-form videos on TikTok and Instagram stories, forward-thinking employers can connect visually with emerging workers and better showcase their employment brand in a way that resonates with this new cohort.

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