Picovideo helps you create short-form videos that engage your next-gen audience

Create amazing short videos
  • Get started with templatesUse starter video templates for your industry, products, and more - all targeted to specific stages of the marketing funnel
  • Customize and goQuickly customize template content with your own videos, stickers, and text to engage candidates - without all the work
  • Easy drag-and-drop creationRapidly create engaging recruiting videos via drag-and-drop, without having to hire creative or social media pros
Engage your audience
  • Overlays with impactInclude overlay layers to draw attention to your videos through text, images, typography, colors and more
  • Special effectsSupercharge your video with fun effect layers that add fast motion, color tint, and more
  • Set the stage with musicEasily find, preview and add music to your videos with an integrated, licensed audio library
  • Brand stickersCreate and use a set of brand stickers across your videos to add brand elements to your videos in a channel-relevant way
Accelerate your workflow
  • Create anywhereCreate compelling content on mobile, tablet or desktop - no app install or download required
  • Dark & light modesCreate in light mode with full vividness, or dark mode for an easier-on-the-eyes experience
Easily publish & share
  • Hosted landing pagesRapidly publish your video to a cloud-hosted, responsive landing page, customized with your brand look-and-feel
  • Related videosInclude related videos on your hosted landing page to capture viewer attention and drive your full employment brand narrative
  • Downloadable filesDownload videos for sharing via TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Facebook and other platforms - or use in 1:1 sales communications
  • Embed on your Web siteEasily add short-form videos to your site content and marketing pages using embedding
Drive results in your marketing funnel
  • Drive customer actionLink users directly to your end goal, whether that's a shopping cart, job application page or a custom call-to-action
  • Collect mobile numbersExtend the conversation by collecting customers mobile numbers directly from your hosted video landing page
  • Collect user-generated contentAllow customers to send you their user-generated content, including video resumes, product reviews, and more

Create short-form hiring videos

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